APEX 1R CNC Router for performance, quality, and value

MultiCam APEX 1R CNC router is a next generation machine loaded with standard features with a reasonable price. Specifically, this CNC router comes with an 8 station linear automatic tool changer, which gives the user maximum machining flexibility. In addition, the all-steel tube frame, moving gantry design allows for processing large parts while maintaining a small footprint.

Moreover, an all-new knife system with both oscillating and non-oscillating capabilities is standard on the APEX 1R CNC Router. An optional second knife system is available as well. Another standard feature on the APEX 1R is a linear tool changer, which can hold up to 11 knife and spindle tools. Depending on applications, spindle options range from 4 to 10 HP.

Designed to cut a wide range of of materials such as composite material, foam, plastic, wood, and much more, the APEX 1R CNC Router is dependable and built to last.

  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Foam
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Composite materials
  • Sign Making
  • Woodworking
  • Fabrication
  • Heavy, all-steel tube frame
  • Linear tool changer
  • 25mm linear ball-bearing profile rails
  • MultiCam EZ Control user-friendly operator
  • Automated Tool Calibration
  • High-speed three axis motion control system
  • Unlimited file size transfer capabilities
  • Brushless digital AC servo drive system
  • Coreo Software
  • 25mm linear ball-bearing profile rails
  • Gantry Clearance: 7″
  • Max Material Thickness: 3″
  • Cut speed: 1,350 IPM
  • Rapid Traverse: 1,900 IPM
  • Repeatability: +/-0.001”
  • Drive system X and Y-axis: Helical rack and pinon
  • Drive system Z-axis: ball screw
Apex1r CNC Router brochure

  • Pneumatic or Manual vacuum table and pumps
  • Spindle options: 4 HP to 10 HP
  • MultiCam CNC Knife with optional cutting heads
  • MultiVisionTM Digital Registration System
  • Coolant mist system for non-ferrous metal cutting
  • Vision systems for print registration compensation
  • Tangential knife cutter
Auto mister

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